23 February 2013

Background Studies

Two backgroounds I've done for a stop motion short of a friend. The character was made in clay and then composited on it.

17 February 2013




I’m pretty excited, this is my first reel ever! I’ve done it pretty quick for school, ‘cause I need it today. Lot of things need to be fixed, but in the meanwhile, here it is. I hope to be able to put in a little bit more of 3d in the next mounths

05 February 2013

Enjoy Torino

Commissioned movie for Camera di Commercio of Turin. We've worked on it during the second year of school. The porpouse was to promote the turism in this city, with a special accent on the quality of the food and the wine.

Martina Carosso
Massimo Ottoni vimeo.com/max8ni
Ilaria Giacometti
Alberto Mascitti vimeo.com/user3671963
Giulio de Toma
Eleonora Bertolucci

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia 2012

03 February 2013


Some character research for my graduation movie. We've started the pre-production work now!


Another character study. That's a tipical venetian mask (revisited, of course): it was only for man, and it's made of a cat mask on the face and female dresses.


Their caps with glasses are designed,
Their bills with antidotes all lined,
That foulsome air may do no harm,
Nor cause the doctor man alarm.

02 February 2013

Robot and Bag

Robot and Bag from Eleonora Bertolucci on Vimeo.

My first traditional animation exercise, two years ago.


Green Thumb

Be kind with every tree.


From sketchbook. Some animals from the natural museum of Turin. Going there sketching is a great way to spent grey afternoons.


From reference. Just a bit of exercise.


Flyer for a friend.

Laundry Day


Thanks for your kindness. I really enjoyed talking to you.

And meeting Noctuno, too.


for  Tony Sandoval,
lucca comics 2012


From sketchbook.


Late night.

Adventure Time!

What time is it? <3


From sketchbook. Pencil, ink and watercolour.


The sting of a bullet ant is said to be as painful as being shot with a bullet.

01 February 2013


This is some material from the last work we've done at school. 
Basically our group had to finish a short animated spot for the promotion of the city (Turin), so there isn't a lot of story... simply a woman (she's Drop, born from the wine) who jumps in different places of the city.

Above just some sketches of mine , part of the storyboard and animatic, some turnarounds and character concepts, and rough backgrounds. 

Cover from the catalogue of the committance. (Unfortunately, it haven't  been chosen.)


Inspired by the indian novel Shilappadikaram. I did it for a friend who needed some pre-visual works about a starting project on that.

Workshop Background

These drawings are from my first year of studies, two years ago. They're from a workshop about color scripts and backgrounds. There are some tonals here, and some research sketches too. Thanks to Marco Martis who was teaching the course.